Healthcare, Donald Trump & Barack Obama

Obamacare.jpgTrump’s healthcare bill was passed by the House yesterday, (by one vote), which made sane people lose their mind, yet it’s a few things to think about when it comes to Trumpcare.

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, was historic and was firmly for the people. It has “affordable” in it’s title, so you knew what it was about off the rip, and it was the most significant overhaul of the healthcare system since Lyndon B. Johnson introduced medicaid and medicare in 1965. Since President Johnson, it’s been a few other acts since then, but none had as much impact as the ACA.

But make no mistake, the ACA was rushed through congress, wasn’t CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scored and had zero republicans behind it, which is important to remember. Obama rushed the ACA because he was about to lose the ability to just ram the bill through, because the inexplicable had happened-he lost a super majority in the senate, when the Massachusetts seat went to a Republican in a special election. It was the seat left empty when Senator Ted Kennedy unexpectedly died, and it hand’t been a GOP Senator in that seat, from MA, since 1972, so nobody expected the seat to switch parties…but it did!

republicans_hate_obama_more_than_they_love_america_tshirt-rcffd549c8a9843389221936cbb670eb0_i5v8n_1024That meant that if he didn’t pass it before Scott Brown took his seat as Massachusetts senator, he would lose the senate supermajority, and the bill would stall. Obama was clear that the Republicans were not going to work with him on anything. It was definitely a “we’re not fuxing with the Black guy on ANYTHING” situation, so relying on bipartisanism, to pass the bill, would have been sheer stupidity! Even if it was a plan that was really good for the millions of unemployed Americans.

Being that Obama campaigned hard on bringing healthcare to the people, he had to push his plan, or start to lose his base, which would have a trickle down effect on Democrats running for reelection in congress, and a D.C. politicians most important job is getting reelected!

Obama didn’t wait to see if he could create any alliances with any of the GOP, because they showed their true colors early and often, and the window for getting it done was about to slam shut.

Problem was that the Democrats had two bills; one from The House of Representatives and one from Congress. They were similar, yet different, but the Democrats thought they would have time to tweak and edit them both, into one cohesive, comprehensive bill, since they controlled The House and Senate, but Kennedy’s untimely death stole that time.

So Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, without time to reconcile both bills, had The House take up the bill that Congress passed. They then pushed it through and signed that bill into legislation, with a slight amendment a few weeks later, but it didn’t fully reflect what the President and the democrats envisioned, because the bill was super fast tracked. In a word, the bill was flawed.

Now here comes Trumpcare, which had no support from the Dems-yet the GOP was thirsting for a payback! Politicians are wild petty. Your favorite reality TV star has nothing on a Washington D.C. politician when it comes to pettiness. So when the Republicans had an opportunity to push through a healthcare act, without any support from the Democrats, without even taking the time to get the bill scored and to hell with knowledge of how it will affect the people, do you think they would 170504152846-trump-gop-white-house-american-health-care-act-00000000-exlarge-169.jpgdo it? Well they damn near had a garden party to celebrate it passing The House, so of course they could, would and did.

When Trump got to office, he had to push hard for repeal and replace, because he campaigned on that. It was part of his platform and in presidential politics, you have to push through your campaign promises. So of course the Republicans rammed through their plan, because they remember how ACA got passed, and it was a campaign promise. But they refuse to confront their racist, bigoted actions that forced Obama’s hand in the first place and is what makes the GOP so full of shit!

Though we need to be clear that Trump did not invent Preexisting conditions. Most of them were wielded by the insurance industry way before ACA was enacted, and way before a potential ACA repeal was even on the table.

BUT, it ain’t a done deal yet! It’s a good chance that Trumpcare doesn’t get past the Senate. Ideally, the bill dies in the Senate, and the GOP agrees to work with the democrats to fix the flaws in the ACA, keeping the best parts and amending the broken bits. But don’t hold your breath, because American politics is a mess and is being led by the most divisive president ever!


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