This Trump Thing Is Stinking

So as the news came down that the republicans have pulled their healthcare bill, because it was gonna die on the floor, it made me think that this Trump thing is completely bonkers and really starting to stink.

Take for instance, his response to having his healthcare bill fail. He acted like a spoiled kid, wanting to take his ball and go home, if he couldn’t get his way. He said he’ll wait for
Obamacare to “explode”, which would do real damage to Americans, as a reply to his healthcare bill failing. That is so un-presidential, like seeing the president at a strip club making it rain. Yeah yeah yeah, he was supposed to be a master of the art of the deal and failed on a *yuge* campaign promise, but he got real petty when he lost…but whimage4280at do you expect from a Twitter troll!

Normally I would find it a bit disrespectful to call a president’s administration a thing, but The Donald has created a carnival atmosphere at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s been two months, which was the Winter of my discontent, and this thing is starting to smell like a dead mouse behind the refrigerator. Spring is here and though it’s not the season for peaches, it is quickly starting to look like the season for impeachment.

I mean, I’ve never even called him president, and not sure if I ever will. I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t stick around too long, so I can just skip calling him president altogether. Like how you never used the name of the long term substitute teacher, because Mrs. Plotkin’s maternity leave was only four weeks-so you could just call him “teacher”, until she returned.

Trump is completely doing entertainment politics as only he knows how, because everyday it’s something new from the guy, as if he was playing the heavy in a telenovela. In fact, with his disdain for Mexico and well publicized slander of that entire nation, it’s surprising that he hasn’t been caricatured in a television serial for Mexico and the Central American Market.

Shameless Use Of Sexy Rihanna Pic

It’s a literal understatement to say that he’s not acting presidential. It’s like saying Russell Westbrook is having a good season or that Rihanna has sex appeal. It’s like saying Bed-Stuy is a lil gentrified or that the Brooklyn Nets aren’t so good. And especially when compared to his predecessor, President Obama, who was the epitome of “presidential”, classy af, and had an administration staffed with sane people and not the cavalcade of carnival barkers, freak show workers, clowns and obscene fashion victims (I’m looking at you and that Minute Man coat, KellyAnne Conway), currently masquerading as an administration and constantly trotted out for press conferences and news program appearances.

His list of blunders, in just two months, is longer than Jay-Z’s discography. Which is untrue, because Jigga got albums, singles and features for days, but I was highlighting one of the more incredulous realities that Trump has introduced to the office of the presidency: outright lying.

It’s outrageous that the president of this country would just flat out lie to the people, like it’s North Korea. The first American president was known for his honesty and the current one is know for introducing the term “alternative facts” into the lexicon, which is straight ridiculous.

As an example, FBI Director James Comey sat in front of Congress, on the hot seat about 1.Barack Obama phone tapping candidate Trump (which Comey said no evidence existed to support that slanderous allegation) and 2.Russia interfering with the election (Comey said it was enough evidence to warrant an investigation),  yet the White House incorrectly claimed that Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers had told lawmakers “that Russia did not influence electoral process.” He lied because Trump knows his base will read his tweets and not watch CNN, so he can influence their beliefs!

I’m sure he’s gonna blow up Twitter this weekend, while he’s down in Mar A Lago, supposedly working, but probably nekked snapchatting with Vladimir Putin, while the American people pick up the bill to the tune of roughly three million dollars each time he takes Air Force One down to Palm Beach

Ice Tea & Coco at Privé in Miami

Besides going down to Florida like he’s a rapper hitting up Privé for the weekend, his family staying in Manhattan, instead of in the white house, is costing New York City up to 150k PER DAY! And all of his kids and grandkids need a secret service details as well, which costs money, as detailed in this article from Vanity Fair. His family lives a wealthy lifestyle, so jumping around the globe is normal, but what’s not normal is all the money that travel is costing the government, aka Joe Taxpayer.

He’s wild salty from this healthcare defeat and said he’s leaving it behind and concentrating on tax reform. Though if Trump’s short history in office has revealed anything, it’s that he can’t rally his troops in Washington D.C., that he’ll keep on lying about the truth and that he’ll lose the tax battle and act like a insolent child when he does. And he’ll probably NEVER apologize for dragging Mr. Obama’s name through the mud!

This Trump thing is really stinking.



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