At this point, Donald Trump has to fully embrace his FuckBoy status, and get it to work for him.
His chances of winning is slimming, but if he rides this thing….say enter the debate stage in an Egyptian style litter, being carried by scantily clad women and being fed grapes by mexican and black 9 year olds; who are simultaneously getting belt-lashed by Don King, as he steals their weekly allowance .
He’s gotta smack Hilary square on her buttocks, do a few crotch grabs, tweet and check his #IG mid debate, interrupt constantly, brag non-stop that he hasn’t paid taxes since Goodie Mob dropped Soul Food, maybe lace a few Cee-Lo lines in for good measure! He’s gotta completely GNFs and hope he can attract EVERY single racist, misogynist, nutjob, crackpot, delusional despots, conspiracy theorist, Confederate Flag and American Flag wavers (cause let’s face it, patriotism is clearly a beard for racism at this point in America).
He has to COMPLETELY scrape the bottom of the barrel and hope that he can galvanize all levels of loser, misfits, box-heads, under and unemployed WHITE men, along with the wealthy and well to do, who know he’s gonna rock with them like they all were day-ones. The only bright side of that tactic is it will also guarantee a defeat, but at least he extends his brand and improves his Q rating post-election. Or maybe everybody gets tired of him and he just goes away entirely, which would be awesome as well!

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