It was a weekend overflowing with great energy, amazing music and beautiful people at Afropunk 2015, in Ft. Greene’s Commodore Barry Park! Grace Jones was nothing short of amazing and gave me goosebumps when she started off with “Nightclubbing”! She killed it in so many ways! Lenny Kravitz was amazing was well and sang so many of his hits, accompanied by his amazing band, that included that bad-arse drummer Cindy Blackman!

On a more down note, Lauryn Hill had a cruel ending to her performance, when Afropunk pulled the plug on her set. They killed the mic and the stage lights, which reminded me of the Apollo! Apparently she started her set 30 minutes late and the festival had no choice to do that, since everything had to be turned over and readied for Grace Jones. It was not a good look, and actually kinda sad. She actually tried to keep performing for a bit, without mic or lights. Can someone answer why Lauryn Hill is so frequently late to her shows? She did a great soundcheck earlier in the day, so it wasn’t like she was delayed at the airport.

The highlight of the festival was definitely the people in attendance. The $40 fee, per day, didn’t dampen attendance overall, though it was noticeably a lot less young people, to whom the fee might have been a deterrent. I also heard that many people encountered problems with the “earn a ticket” component of the festival. People volunteered as directed, to earn a single ticket to the festival, but it was glitches in either the registration online of the completion of volunteer service or the acceptance of the proof of completion of volunteer service, at the festival.

So here’s some pics that I took at the festival. Admittedly, I took a lot of pictures of friends! Shout out to the Brooklyn Reader. You can also find pics I took at Afropunk, on The Reader website, by clicking here



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