Getting busted for smoking weed and getting severely reprimanded….That’s Pot Luck. I would imagine that most people don’t think they’ll have Pot Luck. Most people probably think they have good luck when it comes to getting high.

They get high and drive motor vehicles, get high and operate machinery, get high and eat a hot pockets and they think good luck is on their side, but au contraire, because often, it ain’t. In the first instance, people get stopped by the police and have their license suspended for driving under the influence or maybe run their car up a tree. People often lose a limb or finger while wielding power tools after bong hits and sometimes Snoop Dog shows up while you’re eating a Hot Pockets and brings Biz Markie to warble horribly, while a cast of characters go haywire and snoop goes tongue in cheek for herbs and baking.

The Pot Luck cases that I find the most annoying is when NFL players, especially rookies, get kicked off their team or out of the league, for smoking pot. I guess they thought they weren’t going to get caught, though the league has some serious measures in place to “weed” out and punish the smokers. The case of the Houston Texans releasing a trio of rookie players, reportedly for smoking pot, is just a case study in stupidity.

A job in the NFL can generally be considered a “good job”. A player gets to play football for a living, something that he probably loves doing regardless; so the emotional rewards from the job is high. Travel is mandatory and is via First-Class commercial air or private jet to NFL cities like New York, Los Angles, Miami, Chicago, New Orléans, Atlanta, Buffalo (ok, just seeing if you’re paying attention) and Dallas and can now include trips overseas, as the NFL aggressively spreads its brand into traditional futbal territories. Throw in general adulation,   a spending stipend on the road and the groupies and the job is a young man’s dream.


The stipend alone, especially when combined with all the other “NFL Player” perks, is enough for most young dudes to strap on the helmet and pads and hit the turf. Case in point is the squads of less talented players doing it for free or even paying to play, in semi-pro leagues across the country.  When you add the starting rookie salary of $405K to the equation, it’s becomes a dream job de jour, for sure.

That’s not just a good starting salary, it’s a good ending salary for most people in America, who would love to retire making $405K a year. People study hard their whole lives and stay in college way past the time when school was a balance between fun and schoolwork, to get in the position where they can start off their career making $100K. Unfortunately, that line of thinking uses something that some of these players just don’t have…Perspective.


Perhaps they haven’t noticed what’s happening in the real world. The job market for Black men is not so bright. The job market for young black men is even more dismal. The job market for young black men without college degrees and who have been pushed through the system in high school and college and hence their reading, writing and ‘rithmetic skills are bordering on remedial, which makes them unprepared for non-football life, is damn near non-existent!

Is weed so good that it’s worth risking a high-paying job? Risking a high paying job that is basically the only thing you’re good at?  A man could play in the NFL for three years, while never playing in any games and he would still gross over a million dollars in salary. That’s a lot of money. That’s living in the 1%. That’s nothing to squander for the sake of puffing on some haze!

Most guys don’t prepare for life after football, say, like these guys:

Careers After Football

Since many don’t prepare, I suggest that NFL dudes drop the pot NOW! It’s just not worth losing a very high paying job when you have nothing to fall back on…..especially if the number of kids and baby momma’s is rivaling your touchdown totals!

11 Kids + 10 Baby Mothers + Cocaine Arrest = Travis Henry

And let’s not even start on the concussions on dudes that may not have been the brightest crayons in the box to begin with!



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