Rush Co-Curate 2

I’ve curated shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan for several years and have always treasured the personal value that I get from exhibiting artist’s work, the rush of an exhibition opening and the satisfaction (and money) derived from selling work. I do work on a creative “art” team, which is the MCM Collective, but for the most part, MyronChristian Macauley, the artist in the MCM Collective, creates his work from his own narrative and it’s truly amazing work, but in the curatorial sense, my input is limited.  What I’m posting here is a journey through my first co-curatorial experience.

The exhibition has a name and it’s SIGNS OF LIFE. It came to me like a flash as I was on the brink of falling asleep. The beauty of technology is that I rolled over, grabbed my phone and recorded my thought, instead of waking up fully to write it down. It’s an eight artist show: Mishele Lesser Rachel Frank Carla Aspenberg Heidi Lau Andrew Scott Stephanie Calvert Florine Demosthene Selin Balci All of the artist are amazing in their own right and it’s amazing to present the Signs Of Life exhibition. I think that science and art are connected but to a certain extent, we’ve goofed the opportunity to teach them as if they are related and haven’t enabled cross pollination between the two in our brains.



Heidi Lau
Mishele Lesser
Florine Demosthene
Andrew F. Scott
Stephanie Calvert
Rachel Frank
Carla Aspenberg
Selin Balci


On a studio visit with the artist Heidi Lau, I saw what could be and what was, in the same sculptural piece


Heidi adds moss on the sculptures, most of which she got from the Staten Island Botanical Garden (part of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center) feeds them and let’s them grow. According to Heidi, the process of growing the moss is quite stank! She had to create a creamy, food paste so that the moss could eat and grow, so keeping the moss moist with the paste was important. The stinky paste yielded some awesome work as the moss adds contrast with the glaze and creates dramatic tension on the bigger pieces as well as the small ones.


Heidi was born in Macau, which has always felt a little exciting with the Portuguese-Chinese history to it, and the childhood memories of her homeland has influenced her work. I would like to visit Macau and although it seems like the land has become one big casino, I would still love to experience the culture and most importantly, the food!

Piece titled Megalith. In it's unfinished form
Unfinished Piece….Moss on board

On a studio visit with the artist Rachel Frank, I felt a real “Museum Of Natural History” energy in the place.

And for my first introduction from Rachel Frank, I give to you….A Trilobite!


A frickin’ Trilobite! We’re talking a really awesome sculptural piece of an arthropod that roamed the earth over five hundred MILLION years ago. Definitely had its wits about it as it survived for nearly two hundred and seventy million years….for comparison sake, man has roamed the earth for about two hundred thousand years.

In fact, that’s the only introduction I’m doing because Trilobites rule like that!. Rachel’s work has this level of fantasy and detail that’s really cool and I’m looking forward to people’s reaction to her work in Signs Of Life. She also had some interesting stuff in and around her apartment that I always like to take pics of while on a studio visit.

Classic Car
Classic Car

The SIGNS OF LIFE opening reception is Sunday, November 17th at Rush Corridor Gallery at 334 Grand Avenue, in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn.


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