Rush Art Co-Curate 1

I haven’t blogged in about two months, which makes me kinda sad. Sad because I get real enjoyment from writing and hence my last two months have been that much less happy. I have a few posts in drafts, but nothing that I published to this blog. The biggest obstacle to getting back on the blog horse, is not being on the blog horse. Not posting seems to begat not posting and then it turns into a vicious cycle. Since I work on a variety of projects, I thought it would be fun to blog my experience in co-curating an art exhibit that is opening in fall 2013 at the Rush Corridor gallery in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn. It’s a new experience. I haven’t co-curated an exhibition before as I’m usually the sole curator on all of my exhibitions.

I’ve curated shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan for several years and have always treasured the personal value that I get from exhibiting artist’s work, the rush of an exhibition opening and the satisfaction (and money) derived from selling work. I do work on a creative “art” team, which is the MCM Collective, but for the most part, MyronChristian Macauley, the artist in the MCM Collective, creates his work from his own narrative and it’s truly amazing work, but in the curatorial sense, my input is limited. 

What I’m posting here is a journey through my first co-curatorial experience.

The show opens on Sunday, November 17th at Rush Corridor Gallery in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn. Were kinda on warp speed as the date is fast approaching. It’s a submissions based show, so the artists have been parsed down from the many submissions to Rush Galleries (Chelsea & Clinton Hills). The thing about a submissions show, is that the work dictates the theme and title of the show, as opposed to setting a theme and title and having a call for artist to create or submit artwork based around the theme.

It’s working backwards in a sense and the challenge is to find a commonality, a thread that weaves through the artwork. We’ve curated the work to a point that the prevalent themes are man, science and society.

It’s a particular Bioart component to a lot of the artists artwork. Bioart is an exciting space in the art world as it combines elements of biology science and also technology, sometimes within the context of traditional art expressions, such as painting and sculpturing, but it also yields creative output in the form of robotics, experientials, projection, performance art and other, non- two dimensional art.

This is Charlotte  Mouquin, Director of Rush Galleries. We’re co-curating the exhibition together and I’m excited that she asked me.


We stopped off at Alligator Lounge on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg after a studio visit with the artist Mishele Lesser. Her work has an introspective quality and speaks to rebuilding after destruction. This is Mishele and some of her work.



A major upside of co-curating an exhibition is the teamwork involved. Mishelle has a certain “adult provocativeness” to her work and since Rush Corridor Gallery also has a myriad of programs for the kiddies, in addition to the art exhibitions, some of her pieces wouldn’t be a fit at Corridor. When I’m curating a show, without a co-curator, that awkwardness usually manifests in my blunt announcement that the work is just “way too racy”, which sometimes, is taken the wrong way.

Charlotte and I were on the same page, so as I gently broached the issue, she picked up my train of thought and delivered it with tact and taste and sans any hurt feelings or side eyeness.

These are some images from that day






Trying to get these posts up as we move forward towards the November 17th opening.




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