Just read an article about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine giving $70 Million to USC, to start a new school that directly serves the innovation and creativity they will need to keep beastin’ the young folk for $300. More specifically to my thoughts, the young black folk. Seems the closer you get to a housing project in NYC, the more Beats By Dre headphones you see! All the better to hear every ratchett line from the most popular ratchett songs. See, Beats By Dre headphones are not just headphones, they’re a STATUS APPARATUS. Probably the most accessible connection to a lifestyle that is far out of reach for far too many of the kids wearing ’em.


Seeing these kids wearing Beats headphones, while eating a box of fried something and drinking a Tropical Fantasy soda is almost surreal! Top notch headphones + deadly diet=Dystopia. The $70 million donation has generated questions about black colleges and universities, their administrations astuteness and the education received from the institutions. It’s not an issue for me because the donation is a means to an end and self serving…..which is the American way. Innovation, ideation and all sorts of other ion words drive newer, better, louder, faster and often more expensive iterations.

THE goal is profit. Profit, as THE goal, isn’t pretty. It’s Bangladesh. It’s chattel slavery. It’s Monsanto. USC, in their opinion, was the best place to grab young people and develop their minds and drive that money train forward (that train, by the way, has a Beats By Dre sound system). If they felt a HBCU was the best route, they surely would have done it. USC doesn’t have a large black population and their black student athletes graduate at a dismal rate, so the University of Southern California ain’t exactly Tuskegee, but that ain’t the point. The point is making money. Dre and Jimmy have a new music streaming service to accompany Beats By Dre headphones, called DAISY. It’s like Spotify, but it’s Dre and Jimmy’s.


(with Trent Reznor as Chief Creative Officer)

They have a mandate, investors and profits to share. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts about their money. Telling rich black people how they should give their money can turn into a contact sport. Telling poor black people how they should spend their money can turn into a contact sport.

Man is about profit and his capacity for evil, in it’s pursuit, is probably infinite. People like nice things and will sacrifice necessary things, for nice things. That’s a dysfunctional marriage and a fray that HBCU’s should stay above. If Dre & Jimmy (they sound like a 90’s band) did give that $70 million to Howard, Spelman or Morehouse, I’m sure an outbreak of outrage about the schools enabling the crippling cycle of poor black kids and their rampant materialism would have sparked an entirely different controversy

And then, at the end of the article, in the comments (where all the actions is at anyway), a company jumped in on the action by posting a link to an interracial dating website! It declares: “Here is the best, largest and most successful interracial dating site for black and white singles seeking interracial relationships, friendships, dating ,love and more”……..Gotta love the Internets!


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