So it’s been very interesting times recently. Hurricane Sandy came and knocked a large swath of NY/NJ out the box, with some places still without electricity and heat in this weekend before Thanksgiving. Even though Thanksgiving is such a dubious holiday, it would still be awesome if people was able to get back to their normalcy by then. Break bread with friends and family and endure some liquored up arguments! Thanksgiving just will not be the same without the arguments….and you can’t get a safe family argument if you don’t have electricity or running water in your house. Get that stuff together NYC.

President Obama’s reelection was pretty awesome. I watched it over my friends Kenny and Jessa’s house in Bed-Stuy. We drank box wine while the votes were coming in and then switched off and popped open a bottle of Perrier Jouet when Obama’s victory got announced. Both Kenny and Jessa felt awesome that Mittens didn’t win because his first action was going to repeal Obamacare and with a baby on the way and the high cost of prenatal care, birthing the baby and post natal care, that would not have been good news.

It’s been so much racist hating since Obama won that it’s clear his winning was not just a victory that got him reelected to the most powerful office in the world, but that it was also a referendum on race. Seems the GOP underestimated the chances of Mr. Obama and that his message still resonated with some people…..and it totally didn’t hurt that Mittens wasn’t a weak candidate. A more likeable candidate and we might be talking about how Obama was one term pony. Some serious written articles to come soon, but this post was another one driven by pictures 🙂

This is a major retail chain and very well-knownRite-Aid Sign

Rite-Aid Door Note
Yet during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, alas, a spelling fail! I just hope it wasn’t the pharmacist who wrote that misleading and grammar massacred note

And speaking of Hurricane Sandy. Since Budweiser kept these things up while both of the places mentioned were going through hell, shouldn’t Bud at least donate some money to the folks who live there and do business there (if they haven’t already).

Bud Train advert

And while we’re talking about Beer, let’s jump to Booze and talk about those cool/creepy/cool Hendricks Gin outdoor adverts. I think they rock, but i get a weird feeling about them, like it could turn into a horror show at any minute

I went to the Salon show at the Park Avenue Armory. It was a good show, though not just art. It was furniture design and lighting design…and all priced for somebody not named Richard Chandler Burroughs. I heard one guy say “my bottom-line price had been $120,000 for that” he was talking about a couch. I mean, at least the art was art and could be appreciated and hung on a wall, but that couch was just a couch. Just a place to rest an ass. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures while I was there 😦

Anyways, a went to two exhibitions on the same day. One was for Amy O’neil’s HLUSA exhibition at the Swiss Institute on Wooster. That had some interesting pieces, especially the 5 minute video on Holy Land, the now defunct Holy Land, which was a 18 acre Biblical theme park. It closed in 1984. Here’s a picture of the theme park (this wasn’t in Ann O’neil’s show)

The second exhibition we went to that night was Beyond Elegance featuring the work of Todd James and Alexis Ross. It was quite the scene, with an espresso bar and electric porto-potties……and some colorful art. Had real pop-art qualities.

This was the name of the espresso bar at the Beyond Elegance opening

They made the espresso bar look like an old rec den from the 80’s….like the setting of the Calvin Klein ads that got a lot of heat for showing models that looked like minors, in drugged out and sexual poses.

Nayele was there, as was my friend Richie Romero, whose birthday party I went to the next day.

I also met a really cool chick named Divine LeVogue at the exhibition. Her name sounds like she danced on tour with Madonna, though I’m sure she’s too young to have been on tour in the 90’s. After the Beyond Elegance art exhibition I went with my man Pablo Power and Mint & Serf as they chowed down on some Ramen Noodles. PBR beers courtesy of the previous art exhibition.

Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles

Then, after several beers at the opening and one at the noodle spot, mother nature beckoned. The porta-potties at the second opening were cool, hooked up to generators and the whole nine. But the bathroom at this place was bubble-nuts….and not just because the restaurant might have sold bubble-tea. I came out all amped and was quickly told those awesome toilets are de riqueur in Japan” or some other Asian country. Totally blew my bathroom high, but my derriere felt revived and brand new.

I felt like i should have given the toilet a tip!
Next day and I’m at Richie Romero’s apartment for part one of his birthday celebration. The second part was at 1OAK nightclub down in Chelsea. I had a blast up there. I ran into the homie Marc Henry, which is always a pleasure, especially when it’s not in a club but a house party for a friends birthday. Then again, many people there were people i met in nightlife. Shout out to Charlie Sayz Semanas who was also there and softly celebrating his birthday, which was just a few days before Richie’s.   I gave Richie the Modern Man In Search Of Soul coffee table book as a gift, which he loved (he said one of his friends already tried to lift it). MyronChristian Macauley’s book never ceases to amaze people, cheers to him!

I also met Richie’s friend Keith White, who works for Angel Management Group out of Vegas and he turned me on to a really awesome scotch

It tasted really special indeed… even if it wasn’t in small, numbered bottles! People then went downtown for the after party and the star of the night was the huge stuffed bunny rabbit from Richie’s apartment!

Then I went into Avenue for a bit of partying. I stayed for 45 minutes and then it was a wrap, I was finished partying at that point and went on home. I saw these two images that night, kinda cool to leave off with it.

BUT OH, keep your eyes open for these guys, i hear they’re recruiting harddddddd



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  1. Thanks for the shout out, my man! Always good to run into you.

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