A Walk Through Life


Some recent images from my walk through life


Hand Writing=Lost Art
Sleep in comfort my friends, this peaceful city is rarely in need of an ambulance :o)
The French are always rolling something up….even on the Williamsburg Bridge
Back in Brooklyn, first time actually walking over the Williamsburg Bridge
Crazy, I think he said 10,000 watts
Massive speakers at the Clinton Hill Food Co-op party. Those guys built them from scratch. Can’t remember the name of the crew but it’s in the dub-step music scene
At first glance, this look likes a basic, run-of-the-mill, hood snack
But when you turn it over, the insidious nature becomes evident. Either it’s a typo or be very wary of anybody that brings you this snack…..especially late at night. Yes, that says RAPE SEED OIL

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