Broke (Quarter)Back Mountain

The words “broke” and “former professional ball player” are together a lot. I mean, they’re together more than Oprah and Gayle King.  More than Ashton Kolchak (Hot Tub Time Machine joke) and his new, real life girlfriend/former TV girlfriend.  In the not so distant past, players used to have enough shoddy financial planning that they didn’t go broke until they were out of their respective league for several years, but that’s broke players 1.0. The 2.0 version is going broke before their career has gone fishing.
I’m not sure if it’s more shocking to see Vince Young’s name associated with broke or former player. It seems he was a huge star just a week ago, leading his Texas Team over USC and to the 2006  National Championship with 200 yards rushing and 267 passing. It was an otherworldly performance.


In the NFL, VY made the pro-bowl for two years, and seemed to be making good on a strong NFL career. I was more concerned with his personal and mental health, based on his emotional meltdowns with the Titans, including talk of suicidal thoughts, than with his financial health. He signed a huge contract and it had great guarantees. But he got shipped out of TN and didn’t last in Philly for their “dynasty” and now he’s out of the NFL. Hiring your uncle, the local grammar school teacher, as your business manager is a really bad decision. Hiring a defense attorney as your business lawyer is a close second. Though not working on his fugly throwing motion might have been the dooming decision.

Vince Young is not Tim Tebow. Though he has some comparisons to Tebow in his bad passing (though VY was better than Tebow), BCS championship and running ability, Vince Young does not create such a rabid and fanatical reaction like Tebow. An inaccurate quarterback usually has a very short shelf life and for that matter, Vince defied expectations for a QB that tossed a football like a side-armed relief pitcher.

Anyways, he’s broke. Made me think about a cartoon I wrote last year about the very subject. Here it is, hope you enjoy it (about 8 minutes long)


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