Stout Lies Of The GOP

The nomination process to select President Obama’s Republican challenger, in the upcoming 2012 presidential election, is reaching a shrill crescendo of unabated, machinations that, if not for it actually happening, would be thought of as unbelievable. The lies, malicious language, unwarranted personal attacks and over-the-top cattiness, from a group of wealthy people has all the markings of…….A Reality Show.



Think about it. The premise of the House Wives/Love & Hip-Hop franchises and the Republican parties contemporary existence have a mirroring quality. The main premise is power and fame. Everybody wants to run things and be a star.

To get the power, they will fabricate lies and rumors about pregnancies, infidelity, sexuality or religious affiliation, citizenship, political agenda.

They will feed the lies to other people while at a restaurant, hair salon, recording studio or town hall, Fox News, talk radio

They will be persuasive and convince people that the lies are true, even when the solid evidence of the truth is looking them right in the face because people want to believe it.


Mitt Romey, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Reince Priebus, Michael Steele, Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter


All of President Obama’s presidency up til Two months ago


Ep. 3-Opens at The GOP convention in Tampa, Florida which is almost cancelled because mother nature contemplated wiping out the major players intent on her destruction. They don’t want clean air or alternative energy and wanna keep pumping coal, ‘WELL SCREW EM”. She then called off hurricane Isaac 2012, because, well because she remembered that, ironically, a significant number of the people at the convention didn’t have health care…………

Enter. Paul Ryan


Well, you get the picture. I say somebody starts shooting this today. We can cast from our Facebook friends. Unfortunately, this show can’t run on BET because it will not feature anybody from Maybach Music, Cash Money, Young Money or any person with Lil or Yung/Young in their name (per their contract with Viacom).




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