Cab Accident

So after leaving La Esquina, angry, over some senselessness in my personal life, I decide to walk off the steam. I walked over to Fat Hippo, in an effort to use a Jalapeno infused Tequila shot to dampen my inner discord. The bar was crowded, I couldn’t get Dan’s (bartender) attention, so I quickly exited after Ninety seconds.

I decide to call it a night. I hail a cab on the corner of Rivington & Clinton and tell the driver to take me to Brooklyn and use the Manhattan bridge. He asks me if he should take Myrtle and after I initially said Lafayette, I then changed to Myrtle as we’re coming off the bridge. We catch a red light right before Tillary and as the cab has slowed down to a virtual stop, BOOM a car rams right into us from behind, going damn fast. it spins the cab around two revolutions and then we crash into the concrete meridians and come to a stop.

These are my observations and thoughts from right before I got into the cab, til I left the hospital.

“If a situation can be bad, then Alcohol can make it worse. It can also make some OK situation, turn around and be really awesome….But alcohol really did ruin any semblance of fun that I could of had last night…..Lucky for me that I only had 2 drinks or the night could have really got ugly”

“It is equally difficult to go from lovers to friends or to go from friends to lovers…For real”

“The situation lacked the “my life passed in front of eyes” during the accident, but the crash sure felt slow and it gave me time to think about happiness and the pursuit of happiness along with love and it’s realness”

“If you open the cab door and see that the cab driver has a wheelchair on the front passenger side….his wheelchair, then perhaps it’s a good idea to take the next taxi”

“that discriminating against the disabled cabbie would have been kinda wack..he obviously passed a test or two and has been proven capable of safely operating the vehicle”

“that wearing a seatbelt was the best thing that I did all night! Front if you want, but with the impact of that accident, I would have been Leon Spinks in the face, still in the hospital or running around in public like the Elephant man ‘I am not an animal'”

“that if you’re a drunk driving, crashing into the back of cabs, making crazy accusations about the cabbie stopping at a green light….don’t try to punch the cabbie or instigate a fight”

“I had never been into an ambulance until last night. It’s everything I’ve seen on TV. In fact, an ambulance has to rank very highly with the things that i’ve seen sooooo many times before, but never actually been inside. That and a cave.”

“there are some decent police officers and emt workers that aren’t jaded and still show some compassion”

“getting a neck brace and head secured to a board not only stabilizes your head and spine, but it also leaves you vulnerable for the hospital workers to put your phone in your pocket and take out of your pocket a $50 bill….I SEE YOU HOSPITAL MAN, I want my money back you punk”

“Doctors are such a multinational and multi-ethinic crew…It’s like what Doctor king was talking about, just in the emergency room”

“it’s really cold in the hospital”

“That since I didn’t pay the fare after the accident, could that still be considered theft of services?

It was totally the drunk drivers fault. IF he wasn’t drinking, then he made all attempts to act drunk. Perhaps he was staying “in role” as a Broadway actor. Doubt it, he was fired up off of something!

The accident has left me a bit sore in my back and my ankle. I’ll live. I’m grinding it out everyday and am happy to be alive and kicking. Let’s get it….everything you want! Because you might die tomorrow…..likelier that you’ll survive if you wear your seat belt. Seat belt can’t save you from a bullet or getting run over by a speeding vehicle in mid-town Manhattan or from smoking cigarettes til things start to grow on your lungs……I never said seat belts were perfect.




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  1. Hi Richard,

    So sorry to hear about your accident and hope you’re doing ok. We at Tanteo Tequila would never want our consumers injured in their search for Jalapeno infused tequila deliciousness. Email me at and we’d be delighted to send you a bottle of Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila and hopefully it will bring a smile to your day. – Liv

  2. Say what Rich!!! All that happened!!! I hope your ok… now you take it easy a bit? What were you so mad about??? And we gonna get that punk hospital guy…

    Im just glad your OK… it could have been worse.

  3. Oh Richard, this is crazy.. I’m am grateful you where wearing that seat belt..
    4real it save lives 4real..

    I love that you were able to recap your thoughts through the bang the spin the drunken car crasher dude the bright cold hospital.. word the ambulance.. did they sound off the sirens?

    I’m glad u still here with us
    take it easy..
    experience life on a simple human level..
    thank God your walking, breathing, talking, thinking, touching Thank him for life because that accident was serious..

    Thank U for sharing

  4. Got some angels watchin’ ovah ya bruh…

  5. Man I am glad you are ok. That is a reminder, everyday to it’s fullest. I am glad you are ok and we are going to jam this summer!


  6. Ah! I’m just glad you survived.oh, and what do you think that bill theif paid the cabbie? Peace

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