February…..What A Doozy

The month of February is leaving in two days, and I’m not sure if I’m sad or happy to see it go.

February has seen way too much snow in 2010. It’s been the snowiest month in NYC since 1869. In 1869, the city purchased Hart Island from the Hunter family of the Bronx for $75,000. Hart island is now used as Potter’s field, where people with no money for a burial are laid to rest. What does that have to do with all of this frickin’ snow in February 2010?

I have no idea, though it might be a few homeless New Yorker’s that froze to death in the snow and may very well end up in Potter’s Field. Homelessness is so disgusting in America. It’s also a by-product of capitalism…..so if you like free-trade, open market, every man for themselves, reality TV sort of structure, then a homeless man is the face of its dark side.

All of the snow has created a sort of winter wonderland in New York City, with kids in Brooklyn out in Full Force. It’s so many white kids living in Clinton Hills/Bed-Stuy that I thought I was in another city for a minute. Boy were they having fun. I’m sure the teens that moved to Brooklyn, with their families, from Manhattan or somewhere in Massachusetts, didn’t think they could have so much fun in a city they heard was so dangerous……but Brooklyn is really fun in the snow. Though I walked for nearly Thirty minutes in the snow earlier in the month looking for a bottle of wine! Settled for a liquor store in Bed-Stuy, where the choice consisted of Yellow Tail, Barefoot, William Kendall and some other brand that liquor stores “think they can sell”. I settled on my all time favorite Spanish, value wine (read:cheap) Frontera!

So February presented me with a really awesome DJ schedule as I spun at the opening reception for the Gentrification Of Brooklyn exhibition at the MoCADA museum in Brooklyn, that was totally awesome. I also did spun at the “I Love Brooklyn” Day party at MoCADA, on Valentines Day, while doing double DJ duty at my DiscoBrunch event at Broadway East, which was excellent and featured some incredible designers in the Pop-Up Market.

I also was also pleased to DJ the Milliner’s Guild of New York’s, Fashion Week Show at Roommate Grace Hotel, which showed the most amazing hats in many different styles. It made me want to step my hat game up!

My friend JB came to NYC in February to help celebrate my birthday and take in as many Broadway show’s as possible before returning to Sweden. Birthdays have a way of starting deep introspection. Introspection that will inevitably lead you to some sort of downer trip that’s only salvageable through TMZ amounts of Whiskey and Bourbon.

JB and I went to dinner at No. 7 with Muonja, Carnaval party at SOB’s, brunch at Fat Hippo, bowling at Brooklyn Bowl and some good ole street strolling with his friend Fabiana.

He’s an awesome soul singer and has an ongoing Sunday event in Stockholm, where he’s been performing for Ten years running. He introduced me to a T-Shirt line that he and his brother are working on and gave me a Donny Hathaway version as a birthday gift. I see a bright future for those Tees Senor Joachim!

February, also, has clearly presented the reality that I have Writer’s block. I’ve been stuck in neutral, with all kinds of futility in fleshing out the story for my next novel. Until this month, I thought that perhaps it was simply developing slowly, but February was the deadline month for me and it is almost over. I’m stuck in the proverbial mud. That really blows! I’m still having fun selling my current novel, A Rendezvous With Destiny, and really love the feedback I get from readers.

I’ve also started an agency, with my partner Maurice Caple, to service all areas of interest in our lives; from Art to Marketing to Furniture Design to Artist Representation. So that effort has been pitch, pitch, pitch and more pitching. I like that part though!

So I close February with another DiscoBrunch this Sunday, February 28th, with the Pop-Up Market and SOULED OUT, an art exhibition of all new work from Jonathan Paul Wagner. It will be fun and it at least will take February out on a high note.

I hope February was good for you!



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  1. great post, Rich, thanks for sharing and looks like writer’s block is just a frame of mind taken over by modesty. i LOVE your brooklyn musings. . .even my husband is like :”where did all the white folks come from all of the sudden?” our pot just keeps on melting . . .:-)

  2. Hi Djassi, thanks for reading and thanks for reading in general, because Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). The last time I complained of writer’s block, I turned around and blew out the whole manuscript in under a month, so I’m really hoping for a similar occurence this time.

    Keep some snow in yo yard and I’ll see ya manana!

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