Reception For “Gentrification Of Brooklyn” Exhibition=Crazy

The lead up to the opening reception for the “Gentrification Of Brooklyn” reception at the MoCADA Gallery was deep. It was lots of angry banter on the internet about gentrification and particularly in reaction to street artist SPECTER which was part of the GOB exhibition.

As the sound system was being set up for the reception, I became keenly aware that I knew nothing about sound systems. I’m a lounge/nightclub DJ and normally just bring my computer and plug into the venue’s system, Serato box included. As Fritz and I was running into several snags in setting up, I started to think of the possibility that I might not have it together by the 6pm opening and would be met with derision and possibly a tossed egg, launched by a angry “gentrifier” who didn’t appreciate how the exhibition was depicting his presence in Brooklyn, USA!

At 5:58pm, everything came together (Fritz is the man) and I was spinning the first song at 5:59pm and then we were on our way. By 6:30pm, the place was crowded. By 6:45pm it was nearly at capacity and by 7:15pm, it was a raucous crowd outside who couldn’t enter because MoCADA was already at capacity. I saw the exhibit’s curator, Dexter Wimberly, looking super smart and answering questions with the proper amount of Art finesse and Brooklyn hubris. The food and wine donated by the super dudes Tyler and Matt from No. 7 Restaurant was being devoured by a gregarious, mixed group of art lovers, scene makers, Brooklyn repping, Manhattan traveling, politically motivated, party people…….all rocking heavy to my set! I was killing it while having my flick shot by a potpourri of picture takers. Asian folks, old black men, mixed race kids with their parents, shy white women that also purchased my novel at the reception.

It was crazy! Then the love love of my life came in and brought it up a notch, looking beautiful and super hot and then more camera people started shooting her and I together like Peaches and Herb, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian…….Jim Edwards and his chic of the moment. Then it was over. I then took the time to walk around the exhibition and see the art…………the show is awesome! I suggest you see it with some friends and also bring that acquaintance that you don’t often talk to because the exhibition, about an explosive topic. should illicit conversation between folks that don’t think alike or run in the same circles. Run see dat! And check out some flicks from the reception here: Exhibition


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