Tuesdays That Feel Like Mondays

So today totally feels like Monday and I think that somebody has snuck into my body at night and messed with my internal clock. Not to say that yesterday wasn’t Monday to everybody else, it’s just that it feels like Monday, today, to me.

I have an energy about me that’s very Monday. I’m working from a coffee shop and for the first hour that I was here, It was all that I can do to not doze off. It could have something to do with reading the first section of the NYT with my cup of coffee, but it was some interesting stories in there today…..which was Tuesdays paper. I didn’t even get a chance to discuss the Grammy awards with anyone. I didn’t even read about the Grammys yesterday and was totally in the dark about who won or who made a fool of themselves. Found out today that it was all about Beyonce and Taylor Swift. I think those two will be forever bound, with the connector in conversation being Kanye. Wasn’t sure if Kanye went to the awards….seems he’s low-key nowadays!

I guess it’s because I had my DiscoBrunch on Sunday that it all flew over my head. In the last two weeks, television has been conspiring to keep DiscoBrunch down. First Winter version of DiscoBrunch and the Jet’s we’re playing in the AFC Championship game, for the first time since the subway costs, like Fifty Cents, so that was stay and watch TV day. Then yesterday, the Grammy’s had the best numbers in several years, with nearly 26 million people staying home to watch it….or going to Grammy parties to watch it. Then next week is the Superbowl…….BUT I don’t do DiscoBrunch next week, so I have successfully fooled the TV industry and their conspiracy against DiscoBrunch. Though the next DSCB is smack in the middle of Fashion week, but that’s a good thing.

I am now just accepting that today is Tuesday and I feel like the new guy at the party.


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  1. Did you replay yesterday morning, this morning? Have a general sense of deja vu?

    I think you’re having a ‘Groundhog Day’ day. Which explains why, although it’s Tuesday, it feels like Monday to you.

    DSCB needs to be a spring/summer/fall event and permanently on hiatus during the winter.

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