The race for the democratic nomination, with all of it’s fighting, heated dialog, crazy accusations and media coverage is like a reality show. In fact, it is a reality show because lets face it, it’s as real as it gets.

Definitely not lacking in drama, the two stars of the show have beat each other to a pulp, uncovered each others warts and brought out an avalanche of voters for the primary. They have spurred 30 million democrats to get involved and cast their vote like a political version of American Idol or better yet, dancing with the stars, the way both candidates have tried to nimbly dance around some of their issues.

Who needs NFL’s Jason Taylor doing the Rumba when you have potential candidates for the presidency of the United States of America performing various shuffles, jumps and spins. Hilary Clinton, in particular has done a series of spins that flowed seamlessly into the wiggly worm whenever she was pressed into a corner.

It was reality show magic to watch Obama’s nifty “Rev. Wright Watusi”, though his “Guns & Religion Robot” was definitely must-see TV. Hilary’s “Bosnian Back-Track” was quite clumsy, which is why she received such a low score. Her dance partner, Bill, was also a sore spot, missing his cues and going left when she went right.

Unfortunately, like all reality shows, SOMEBODY IS GOING HOME, yet unlike other reality shows, the loser in this show is resigned to staying put and not let the camera roll while she walks into the sunset; or the rented limo. It’s the emotional and climatic element of reality TV that is owed to the public. It’s the emotional pay-off for the viewers, like when the guy gets the girl in the movies. People want to empathize with the losing contestants of reality shows, while others want to rub the defeat in the loser’s face and since Hilary has come off as the villain, it’s surely tons of folks looking forward to doing the latter. It’s time for Hilary to pack her things, hug her friends, supporters and staff, and shed some made for TV tears, because I deserve the pay-off damn it!

And if she simply refuses to leave, we can always have the Sandman from Amateur Night At The Apollo officially remove her from the stage!


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