So I start my morning off with a phone call from my mother, asking if I had heard the latest Brouhaha regarding the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I didn’t. I did, kind of; but “kind of” didn’t permit me to have a conversation about it. I gleaned from the headlines that Rev. Wright had uttered yet another batch of bites that were graciously deciphered by big faces on TV screens with the content of his character being called into question.

My initial thought was to simply believe the press, but I was birthed in a cultural womb with an embryonic soundtrack that screamed “don’t believe the hype”, courtesy of Chuck or Mr. D if you will. As an American, I felt that my civic duty was to hear the man out, again, and see if his fanaticism and “boombastic” delivery veered into un-American territory. What I heard was truth, delivered in a way that is very unnominable ( i think i made that word up!) in regards to Senator Obama’s campaign to become president.

Rev. Wright would seem to have a penchant for untimely utterances and speeches that don’t dissect elegantly, if only I would believe that the nature of a sound-bite is imbued with negative and positive qualities. When in fact, a sound bite is nothing but what it is made to be, neither positive or negative, simply made and ascribed a characteristic.

In the light of day stands opposition to truth. In the light of day stands comfort with darkness. Reverand Wright and Senator Obama are both fingers on the same righteous hand of truth and though the Senator is the forefinger, the Reverend is the thumb. The thumb gets a lot accomplished in the spirit of righteousness, day-in and day-out, positively affecting people’s lives on a very personal level.

And though his remarks may be untimely and perhaps a pothole in the Senator’s road to the White House, Reverend Wright’s voice should not be muffled, even at the risk of preempting history. The moment is too big and the injustices too grievous to silence righteousness. Rev. Wright has a strong voice that speaks the truth, even if that truth is inconvent.


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