It has been far too many construction site accidents in NYC and the crane crash tragedy that killed seven people and wounded others on 51st street in Manhattan was just the most recent in a rash of deadly mishaps.

Check out a video of that March 15th, 2008 accident that puts the damage in perspective: (its from youtube by a poster named Thebeatmasta)

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

In the “what else can happen” category, some people had their apartments ransacked after they evacuated the building since the crane crash caused it significant damage:
Crane Loot

Mayor Bloomberg started a commission a few years back to investigate and deal with the safety issue at construction sites. Its been 12 construction related deaths so far this year and from 2006-2007, the number was as high as 29. For most of the decade, a large percentage of the deaths were occurring in the outer boroughs and the victims were usually undocumented, non-english speaking, illegal immigrants. I wonder if the increase in accidents in Manhattan, in monied areas such as 51st street & 2nd Avenue (its not CPW West, but its also not East Brooklyn) and at high profile buildings such as the Trump Soho and Goldman Sachs building in lower Manhattan has has led to an increase in public outcry. Its nothing like an accident injuring an Italian or French visitor to put the fear of god (or lost tourism) into city hall and get folks motivated.

The mayor getting tough with the development community is causing friction! How NY is that, where a bunch of deaths don’t phase the development community. This is from an article in the NY Sun written BEFORE the latest crane crash on March 15th!

NY Sun

This year, their have been 12 deaths from construction accidents. in the year 2006-2007, there was 29 construction accident deaths. To put that in perspective, their were

20 Deaths building the Brooklyn Bridge
8 Deaths building the World Trade Center
5 Deaths building the empire state building

Thats a few more deaths to build 3 of the most Iconic NYC structures, than has occurred in a year of building crappy condos, co-ops and hotels. A building supervisor filing a false report is crazy, but par for the course in NYC. The developer of the building where the crane fell from was building a 43 story structure, even though he was supposed to build a 33 story building. Besides the pure nerve of ignoring the planning and zoning commissions and other groups that oversee development, did they think that an extra 10 stories to their building would go unnoticed. Maybe they hoped for cloudy weather for the rest of time. Things fall through the cracks everyday in every way: Kids staying with criminally abusive parents, egregious health violations in restaurants, lead paint in people’s apartments, Governors kinky sex habits and electrified potholes are all in and out of the headlines, replaced at times with real news and at other times by frivolous celebrity reporting.

But the next time that you’re painting the town red, make sure you keep an eye out above because The line “The sky is falling” is no longer just a line from a childhood tale.


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