You know how dangerous and goofy it is to cross from Broadway to 5th Avenue around 23rd street in Manhattan, how it’s so many different lanes that you’re playing a dangerous game of Frogger?

Well soon you can forget about all of that life and death business just to go from the Toy Building to Madison Square Park, because the city has plans to do a full-on overhaul of that area, which will simplify the crossing and reclaim blacktop areas for pedestrians and cyclists.

Madison Square Pedestrian Project

They’re going to landscape and create some public space with seating as well, i guess like that strange little public space on 9th avenue, between The Dinner on one side and The Apple Store on the other side of 14th Street

Meatpacking Public Space

Though it’s something unsettling about sitting there, even in the day time. I guess I always envision an elderly white haired lady, mowing into the public space with her car and making everything go “splat”, people included.

When they simplify the crossing, the migration to Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack can continue unfettered, like lemmings to a calorie and cholesterol heaven. With the Madison Square crossing still resembling Frogger, the lines for the Shake Shack still look like this:


So imagine when the crossing becomes civilized! You Can always log onto the Shake Shack website and peer at their line-cam to gauge if the line is too long for you or not, though that won’t work unless you’re in close proximity to Shake Shack to begin with. I’m looking at the line right now and it’s only 5 people in line, so high tail it over there if you read this in the next 5 minutes.

Shake Shack Live Cam

Though it seems the Madison Square public space won’t be ready til the end of summer/beginning of fall (like that really means anything anymore in this global warming world), I plan on doing a round of playful dates and utilize the cooler public spaces in the city, including the Meatpacking public space…..especially since I can run in and charge my iphone at the apple store (note: the battery on the iphone sucks baby eggs)

They’re supposed to begin the work in June so be mindful of the traffic jams in that area for the whole summer 😦



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