If you’re still using rabbit ears to grab analog TV reception out of the air, not only do you need to get a late pass, but you will soon need to rummage through your couch for $100 worth of small change!


Starting February 17th of 2009
(Digital Signal Explanation) the federal government’s mandate that all TV signals convert to digital takes place. The cost for a set top box to convert the digital signal for your Analog television is going to cost about $100 or maybe less. The federal government has also instituted a coupon program, where each qualifying household can get up to two $40 coupons to be used for the purchase of a digital converter box.


The electronics stores are worried that they won’t have enough set top digital converters for the hillbillies (Old Jeds a millionaire) and technology drop-outs. Folks still tuning into their favorite broadcast TV shows with rabbit ears (technology drop-outs) are worried they’ll miss Dancing With The Stars in 2009, which at her current trajectory, will feature Britney Spears getting a low score for her Rhumba.

I’m just wondering what the black market price will be for those coupons. If America is nothing else, it is the land of opportunity and I see a real opportunity for some lmajor money if anyone came up on a batch of those coupons.

If people purchasing jewelry and paying for gubernatorial “type” services (think client 9) with FEMA emergency money after Hurricane Katrina, its no telling where a missing shipment of Digital Converter Box coupons might show up.

I can see them sold in NYC. Laid out on a Canal Street table, next to a rack of knockoff Murakami Louis Vuitton bags and bootleg J-Lo perfume that smells like Cyndi Lauper.


(Pictures of the Faux Canal Street at the Takashi Marakami Exhibition with Luis Vuitton at Brooklyn Museum)

I can see them popped into the gift bags for some innocuous launch of some service website, knowing that if it ain’t clothes, a gadget or sunglasses, most people chuck the gift bag away halfway down the block.

Personally, I would leave them as a tip when i go out to eat or drink. If some harried and overworked waitress can’t appreciate the generosity of getting a $40 coupon in lieu of a $15 tip, she needs to seriously rethink her existence. They’re going to give out 1.5 Billion dollars worth of $40 coupons and since my American education clearly deters me from figuring out exactly how many Digital Converter Box coupons that would amount to, I can only gander that it will surely be more than a few.

The change to a digital signal was announced in 2005 or early 2006 and its been ticking down like the ramp up to the new millennium in the year 2000. Its getting more attention now, but wait til Valentine’s day 2009, which is three days before the switch and it will be more people in Circuit City than Victoria’s Secrets. Cause nothing says love like giving the ability to never miss American Idol!


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